leading to this…

I used to volunteer at our local Friends of the Library used book room, where I enjoyed the delightful task of sorting through boxes of donated used books. One day, I stumbled upon a tiny antiquated book with the humble title Hymns Old and New. None of the hymns had titles and the book had no copyright date. In small print on the back of the book, it simply said, “Printed and Made in Scotland.”

As I leafed through its tea-colored pages, one hymn caught my eye with its contrasts. I fell in love with these words:

Light after darkness,

Gain after loss,

Strength after weakness,

Crown after cross;

Sweet after bitter,

Hope after fears,

Home after wand’ring,

Praise after tears.

Sheaves after sowing,

Sun after rain,

Sight after myst’ry,

Peace after pain;

Joy after sorrow,

Calm after blast,

Rest after weariness,

Sweet rest at last.

Near after distant,

Gleam after gloom,

Love after loneliness,

Life after tomb;

After long journey,

Rapture of bliss,

Right was the pathway

Leading to this.

We really are on a long journey, and our pathways are strewn with darkness, loss, weakness, fears, pain and every other sort of brokenness that marks our fallen world. But I am assured from God’s Word, that it will not always be this way. That God provides hope for our journey, even now, as we walk on the pathway He has laid out for each of us. The pathway…leading to this…


4 responses to “leading to this…

  1. Vicki Gray

    This is so beautiful!!!! Loved it.

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  2. Brandy


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