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Clearing the Glass

Alrighty then, I’m ready to get started. First WordPress blog post, here we go…

I started a blog a couple years ago, one with a very specific theme. And get this, I’ve written a whopping four posts there. But, I’ll keep it up and running, if not for the simple fact that women keep pinning it on Pinterest for its “Creativity Retreat” ideas. If I delete it, I can’t stand the thought of some poor woman planning a women’s retreat, searching for fun ideas, eagerly clicking on the link to my site, only to find it no longer in existence. So, that’s not going to happen.

But THIS blog…THIS is my space and place in which to write whenever the urge strikes me, about whatever needs to come out of my heart and mind. My biggest struggle, I can already tell, is going to be perfectionism and over editing with this blog (because, good night! the entire blogosphere is open to reading my words – authors, English teachers, the grammar police!). Sooo, I tell myself to fuhgeddaboudit – write off-the-cuff, from the heart. And if you detect too much polishing going on here, please slap me and yell LIGHTEN UP!

I was reading an article on ScribblePreach (here) the other day, where the author quoted Charles Spurgeon. As Nicholas McDonald says in this post, this was written to preachers, but it certainly applies to the written word, as well.

“We are not sent into the world to build a Crystal Palace in which to set out works of art and elegancies of fashion…Some men…

are grievously in error if they think they thus manifest their own wisdom, or benefit their hearers…The best light comes from the clearest glass. Too much paint keeps out the sun. Our Lord’s parables were as simple as tales for children, and as naturally beautiful as the lilies that sprang up in the valleys where he taught people…

His parables were like himself and his surroundings…and were never strained, fantastic, pedantic or artificial. Let us imitate him, for we shall never find a model more complete, or more suitable to the present age.” ~Charles Spurgeon

I have no crystal palace to build, no amazing work of art to display, and no wisdom of my own to manifest. May I keep the glass clear, the story simple, and the message beautiful in its truest form.

And may I write a post more often than once a year.




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