Dancing in the Streets

Got up one morning last week, fixed my mug of strong black tea with honey, grabbed a gingerbread biscotti and headed to the computer to check Facebook. While scrolling through my news feed, I noticed a video that my cousin, Karen, had posted.

It took only about a minute into the video before my throat clinched up and the tears began to flow. I was baffled. Why did this video affect me so powerfully?

The few days leading up to this moment had been filled with TV images from the violence and protests taking place on the streets in Ferguson, Missouri.

A cacophony of volatile emotions and accusations – I was weary of it all.

But when I watched the video below, something broke within my heart and mind. Such a contrast to the streets of Ferguson…such a vivid display of what can happen when we shift our focus away from ourselves and onto the God of the universe.

The issues surrounding this incident are complex (and straightforward), hurtful, and confusing. Hatred is stirred up, violence is unchecked, fingers are pointed.

I’m not proposing we all hold hands and sing Kumbaya together. But what if…

What if this jubilant group of singers showed up on the streets of Ferguson one night and began singing praise to God. Would tensions ease? Would confusion turn to clarity? Would we all begin to listen and seek more to understand than to accuse?

I wonder…and I pray…



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2 responses to “Dancing in the Streets

  1. Vicki Gray

    Would love to see this on the evening news!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you, Vicki. So kind!


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